By John Kasapoglou

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art, one where the practitioners use its various moves to defeat their opponent while also protecting their opponent from injury. Our Aikido rod concept brings this philosophy to the lure angler, a range of rods designed with actions to cater for the increasing amount of anglers who practice catch and release in fishing.

The series has 3 different models. The first and smaller one has c.w 0.2-6 and a solid tip with weight of 65gr. The length is 1.80 meters. It is designed for using very light lures and mainly soft lures  and the tip helps in the immediate detection of the bite as well as the fish does not feel much resistance.

The middle model has c.w. 1-5 and length 1.98 meters. It weighs about 80 grams and has a tubular (hollow) top. It is designed for fishing in fresh and salt water with limited spaces such as harbor, docks, etc. It works great with hard lures as well as small jigs.

The third member has c.w 1-11, weighs about 78 grams and is 2.28 meters long. The tip is also tubular. Its longer length helps with longer casts and is ideal for using metal jigs without saying no to soft lures. A rod ideal for aji and seabass I would add!

In the technical characteristics now. Its body (blank) is made of an ultra-light carbon mixture made in a 40 ton press.

The reel seat is a new type of VSS and the guides in the middle and bigger model are of SIC and eight in total (with the top). The black ensemble dominated by carbon breaks the red chevrons in various parts of the rods.


The general image of the rods is beautiful with quality materials and strong blank, which presupposes a lot of pleasant fishing. In the first sessions we were truly impressed with its behavior fighting the fish. See them up close at Akis Tiniakos and the collaborating stores.


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